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Restringing Services

Pearl Stringing

For over 20 years we have been renowned for our expertise in restringing. We are experienced in working with a wide range of mediums including pearls, diamonds, gemstones and all forms of beads. We also offer a comprehensive range of stringing materials to suit all requirements. Our average turn-around time is between 1-3 days, however, we aim to accommodate urgent requests where possible.

Restringing Instructions

For all restringing jobs, we require the following information:

  • Knotting can only be performed using silk and cotton threads.
  • For strands over the size of 6mm, we recommend that you have your strand knotted.
  • If the strand is made from very small gemstones, we recommend that the strand not be knotted.
  • For strands made of combinations of gemstones and pearls, knotting may not be possible as the holes may be of different sizes.

Items to be supplied
  • Item code if known. Otherwise, specify yellow gold or white gold and carat, gold plate or silver.
  • For pearls, please specify type, colour, size and shape.

  • For a single strand or multiple strands of the same length, specify a final finished length including clasp.
  • For multiple strands of different lengths, specify the length of the shortest strand and the vertical distance between each strand at centre-front.

  • Draw the pattern for both new and broken strands.

Preferred restringing material
  • The strongest and safest material for restringing is a high tensile combination thread made of silk and nylon. We offer this in an extensive range of colours that we will match to your stran unless otherwise specified.
  • For the restringing of gemstones and diamond strands, we recommend using German flexibl wire. This is because the small diametre of the hole in these mediums will only allow us to use a very thin thread, and the jagged edges of the stone can easily cut through silk.
  • For heavy stone strands with large holes we recommend using silk and nylon thread with knotting between each stone. However, if the holes are disproportionately small, we recommend using wire or fish-wire.
  • If a strand contains beads with different sized holes (such as in mixed strands of gemstones and pearls), the material used for restringing will be determined by the diametre of the smallest hole.

Restringing Charges

Strands made with stone or pearl sizes less than or equal to 3mm are charged at 1.3 times the regular restringin parice due to the difficulties in stringing

We advise that you keep a record of the condition of all items sent to us using either photograpic evidence or by counting the number of items sent.

Inch CM Price
7.5" 19 $30
16" 40 $54
18" 45 $60
20" 50 $69
22" 55 $75
24" 60 $81
26" 66 $90
28" 71 $96
30" 76 $102
32" 80 $108
34" 86 $114
36" 91 $120
40" 101 $135
42" 106 $141
44" 111 $150
46" 116 $156
48" 120 $162
64" 160 $216

Drilling & Gluing Prices

We can half-drill or fully drill pearls with holes ranging from 0.7 - 3.0mm

Drilling & Gluing Prices
Earrings $45/pr
Pendants $24/pc
Drilling Prices
Holes under 1.5m $9/pc
Holes 1.5-3mm $30/pc